Is Social Media Bad?

Is social media bad? Seems to be the current question,doesn’t it? As an artist/maker when I started selling online in 2008 things were different.My FaceBook business page was immensely¬† useful for building and audience and there were soon apps to essentially import my whole product line over.This was true with Etsy and also when I moved to Big Cartel.These are gone (you can set up a FB shop now) and¬† my content isn’t delivered to the people who have ASKED to be in the loop…unless I pay.Even paying hasn’t worked for me.That is business.I suppose I just don’t have the kind of funds it takes and I am longing for the days when it was organic and I worked to create relationships with customers.I am a dinosaur.13286487171706171460Green Colored

The “personal” FB side has become so full of arguments and outright hate that I have had to deactivate my account even though there are many people that are wonderful.I sometimes find it hard to not get sucked into a discussion especially when facts are wrong.We live in a “don’t bother me with facts ” society now.

I am all for discourse,even heated discourse but it is just name calling and ugly.

And ah…Twitter…

I loved when it when it was 140 characters,no photos (unless you linked out). What a challenge that was.People wrote Haiku. They really did.It all happened in real time…the Arab Spring,etc.

I talk with other artists and makers on Instagram,and it has been much better.Yes,I know who owns it and I don’t know what the future will hold is another good place for creatives ,but watch for the porn crap accounts.

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And more blogging….yeah,yeah,I’ve said that before.