On Getting Published

Fashion as an art like all art begs to be viewed.Getting published involves waiting. Collaborators in the finished images cannot share any photo on ANY platform whatsoever.So everyone waits….For this!

Kayt Silvers of Silvers and Bynes asked me to make a specific style of hat and since I rarely get the chance to flex my millinery muscles I was happy to do it.Here is an in process shot of this hat being built.It is a lot of work but also fun to build something like this. (and further proof I live in the wrong time)IMG_20180308_140925A gust of wind and you are airborne!



Excuse the photo

I was in a big hurry to finish this c1930s dress that seemed to be constantly springing leaks.I kept telling myself it wasn’t silk rot and I am still determined to fix it well.(I will, damnit)

IMG_20171001_164154305.jpgI wore it with a denim jacket and carried a tooled leather bag and my cowboy boots.

Sadly though the invite said 5-7 and it was 6:20 the place was empty and they were closing.No conversation could be had with those remaining either.

I did look good though.

Painting Discarded Furniture

I have always dragged things home from the side of the road and given them new life.I think my entire apt was furnished this way.Now one of my favorite local suppliers is Urban Miners.While scrolling through their instagram feed I spotted this old school heavy oak desk chair.These things were made to last but the surface had seen better days.

Not only have I made any necessary repairs but the chair has been lovingly painted,new glides have been added and it has been coated with matte poly for durability.It is also really comfortable.