I am the Delight behind delight worthyn ART/wares.I came out of the womb with a paintbrush in my handĀ  (said my mother) and I would paint or draw on anything.My parents had many antiques in the house and my father a good painter himself.I had a love of vintage clothing early and always had to fix things I could afford and that was how I started to sew.I have always learned by doing and before you know it you have developed impressive skills.Working with my hands has just come naturally and I love a challenge and working one on one with clients .

I have never been able to cut corners and am a stickler for doing everything correctly.I think I may be something of a dinosaur in today’s world.I have never lost my love of thrift store shopping and reuse of materials.The old stuff is the best stuff.Beauty always comes first and I have always been told I am easy to work with. (I have references)

I live aloneĀ  with my cat Boris in a 3rd floor apt with nice leaded glass window turret.I would love to talk to you about a project you might be thinking of,whether sewing or resurfacing furniture or even teaching. (yep,done that too)

the workhouse