Once at Home

Why ever leave? Whatever you wear or have around you should be a reflection of your unique aesthetic.At delight worthyn we believe strongly in repurposing and reuse.Whether making garments from existing materials, repainting, remaking furniture  from  existing pieces,  materials stay out of landfills ,employ actual humans and you ,the customer get EXACTLY what you want.You might even make a friend.

Believe it or not, it isn’t as expensive as you think…no middle man! I have never had an unhappy customer whether I am designing and making a wedding dress, just a headpiece by using parts from a family heirloom ,painting a mural or painting and reupholstering a Victorian spindle back kitchen chair.

When I am not working for a client and just painting and refurbishing smaller pieces of furniture because I just love painting I have usually obtained these pieces from Joe DeRisi at Urban Miners LLC .(Do think about signing up for their newsletter while there.)

Even my lamps and candle holders are recycled.Making something beautiful always comes first but sustainability and beauty coexist nicely.

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